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Questions & Answers

Probably the easiest and fastest way to reach us is through e-mail. We've been known to sit down and lose ourselves in a really good page-turner that just arrived, so if you don't hear from us within a day or two, that's most likely what happened! Don't worry, we read fast and will get back to you as soon as possible! Hey, somebody has to write those book reviews for the website ya know!

We also use regular mail and we have a fax machine too! So, if the book we are reading is simply too good to put down and all else fails, please feel free to contact us by mail or fax. You can contact us at the following addresses:

Customer Assistance:  custhelp@1stchoiceusedbooks.com

Questions, help with navigating the site, help with orders, any general type of assistance. Questions on books, pricing, etc.

Order Assistance:  orders@1stchoiceusedbooks.com

Anything and everything to do with your order.

Just To Let Us Know:  feedback@1stchoiceusedbooks.com

Do you have a suggestion, request, comment, or you've found one of our many typos or spelling errors and want to help us out? We appreciate your help. thanks!

Hunting & Gathering: chasseur@1stchoiceusedbooks.com

We'll keep a list of the books you're looking for and our hunter Chasseur will let you know when we have them available. This service is absolutely FREE!

Technical Assistance: techhelp@1stchoiceusedbooks.com

Any problems with the site that are of a technical nature.

In House Book Reviewers: reviewers@1stchoiceusedbooks.com

Comments, suggestions, feedback for or concerning our in house book reviewers.

Mailing Address: Post Office Box 31538
Tucson, Arizona 85751-1538
Toll Free Voice and Fax: 1-877-766-6242

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Help Online

So what happens if you need help ASAP? We're online, just like you are! We have set up a way for you to talk to us directly through the web page using "HumanClick" instant messaging technology. To contact us, just click on the HumanClick icon when a person shows, and a message window will open.  If a person is not displayed, click anyway and send us a message.

Sound interesting? For further information and system requirements, please refer to Help Online.

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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to us and we have taken the time to outline our thoughts on the subject so you may best understand how we use the information you provide to us.

We feel companies that gather information from your computer without your knowledge or permission are just as guilty as if they had tapped your telephone line. You may not have been talking about anything important but it's the principal behind it that matters. On this page, we provide a complete list of what we collect and why so you may know what information we have collected from you. We do this so you may be better informed of our activities and intentions.

We, here at 1stChoiceUsedBooks believe you have a right to your privacy, the only stuff we collect is technical information that is needed for the website to function properly and information you willingly provide to us. In accordance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998,  we do not willingly collect information from persons 13 years old or younger unless we have their parent's or legal guardian's permission.

We have taken steps to ensure this by using a service called ParentCheck  which is absolutely free for you to use. Parent Check's privacy policy can be found at http://www.parentcheck.com/privacy.html.

We use Authorizenet.com to process your credit card purchase, their privacy policy is located at http://www.authorizenet.com/company/docs/privacy.

1stChoiceUsedBooks is not responsible for the privacy practices of Parent Check, Human Click or Authorizenet.com. We provide links to their policy pages so you may examine them yourself.

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Disclosure of Info Obtained 

Some of the technical information we collect is needed to provide you a web page that functions correctly, based on which web browser you choose to use and your screen resolution settings so our web page may work best with your choices.

The information you willingly provide us is needed to process and deliver your order to you. This information is kept in strict confidence. We do not sell, give away, trade or rent your information with any other organization or business. The email address you provide
to us is only used to notify you about your order, a problem with your order or Village member activity. The only time we would divulge information is to a law enforcement entity acting in an official capacity, they must provide us a formal request in accordance with established legal procedures before we divulge anything to them. 

Every once and a while, we email our customers, letting them know of sales, discounts or new additions to our inventory. We prefer to use the "Opt-In" method, where you, the customer decide if you wish to receive this email. Unsolicited Commercial Email or spam as it is commonly known is a practice we do not perform (we don't like getting it
either!). Spam� should be distributed in little square metal cans from the good folks at Hormel�, not in your email's inbox. In that spirit, we must inform you that Parent Check uses the Opt-Out method, they will send you informational email until you request to be removed from their list. This will only occur if you are a parent who has registered with Parent Click and have not opted-out of promotional e-mail.

For this web site to function properly and be able to deliver quality used books to you, we must collect certain information from you and we are sensitive to your privacy concerns. Here is what we collect and why.

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Click on the "Back to Disclosure Link" to return to here.

1.   Internet Protocol Numbers
2.   Referrer Log
3.   Web Browser Name and Version
4.   Operating System Version
5.   Java Enabled y/n
6.   Screen Resolution / Color Depth
7.   Cookies
8.   Name, Address, City, State, Zip
9.   Email Address
10. Age
11. Credit Card Number and Expiration Date
12. Book Selections

1. Internet Protocol Numbers

Our web server records the IP or Internet Protocol number of the computers that visit our Web site. Every computer that connects to the Internet must have an IP number.  In many cases this number is temporarily assigned by their Internet Service Provider (ISP). This number is used like a return address, if you go to your favorite web page, the computer hosting that web page needs to know where to send the web page to, it sends it to the IP number requesting it.

Most people connect to the Internet using a dial up account and are assigned what is called a dynamic IP number, it's only valid for that call. As soon as you get off line and hang up, that IP number is returned to a pool of available numbers and your ISP will re-use it for a different customer. Your IP number cannot personally identify you. An IP number looks like this: If you would like to know what your IP number is, Windows users can click on the Start button - select Run and enter "winipcfg" without the quotemarks, Click OK. It will be the IP Address number.

We record this number to protect not only 1stChoiceUsedBooks.com but also to protect you. Should a hacker attack our site, we have a starting point to turn over to the authorities so they may track down the guilty party. Recording the IP number also protects you too. Let's say that your wallet or purse were stolen. Somebody uses your credit card to purchase a quantity of books from us, the credit card clearing center notifies us that number was stolen, we can then examine our various logs and determine where on the Internet, that stolen credit card number came from, where that purchase was to be delivered to and once again, we have information to turn over to the authorities so they may track down the guilty party.

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2. Referrer Log

If you came to our web page directly, either typing in the address yourself or pulling it from your bookmarks or favorites (thank you!), that is not logged. If you were on some other web page and clicked on a link to our page, that is recorded in our logs. Don't worry, we are not tracking your activities across the web. We do this to see which web sites or web rings are providing us with the most traffic. Once you leave our site, we do not have a way to track you so you can rest assured. Anyhoo, we have way too many books to file on the shelves, and orders to box up that we don't have the time to track everyone, we'll leave that job to those three letter government agencies. We'd rather read a good spy novel instead.

3. Web Browser Name And Version (IE/NS/Other)

We need to know which web browser you use, the two most popular web browsers, Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator both speak HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) but they each speak a slightly different dialect of it. We need to know which one you use so we can send the web page in the proper dialect, that way, it's displayed properly on your screen.

4. Operating System Version (95/98/98SE/W2K/other)

The software we use to determine which web browser you use also tells us which Operating System you have. We don't need to know this but we're told anyway. In accordance with our own privacy policy, we are letting you know that we know, so you will know. Now we are all in the know!

5. Java Enabled (Y/N)

We use a service called Human Click and for it to function properly, your browser must be able to support Java and have it enabled. Web browsers Internet Explorer 4.0 and Netscape 3.0 and above both support Java.

6. Screen Resolution and Color Depth

    (640x480 / 800x 600 / 1024x768) / (8bpp / 16bpp / 24bpp / 32bpp)

We need to know the screen size and color depth you have selected so we may format our web page to work best with your choices.

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7. Cookies (Y/N)

Generally, we love cookies and have been known to eat too many in one sitting! We really like the ones with M&M's in them! For certain aspects of this web page to function properly, we may temporarily store a small snippit of information called a "cookie" on your computer. If you become a Village member, you can have your login information stored
in a cookie, each time you return, you can be automatically logged in, saving you the trouble of remembering a login and password.

8. Name, Address, City, State, Zip Code

When we ask for your street address, it's not so we can come over for Sunday dinner and make long distance phone calls when you're in the bathroom. It's so the delivery driver knows which house gets the book delivery!

9. Email Address

Should there be a question with your book order, we would like to have an email address so we may contact you and ask you how you would like it your order handled. As we stated before, we follow the Opt-In method, we do not send out email to people unless they previously requested it. You may also receive email depending on your activity in the Village forums. We also, from time to time have contests, discounts or give aways, so you may want to know about them. 

10. Age

The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 requires us to ask the age of the person providing us with personal information, persons 13 years or younger may not submit any information to us without a parent or legal guardian's consent. Sorry, that is why we ask.

11. Credit Card Number And Expiration Date

We do not store your credit card number, we only store the transaction authorization number provided by our credit card clearing house service. As soon as your credit card purchase is processed, the credit card  number is no longer on our transaction server. 

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12. Book Selection(s)

We track which books are purchased so we may better stock our shelves and cater to your tastes. How would you like to be stuck with a whole shelf of "101 uses for mud"?? See our point? By tracking which books are sold, we will ensure that we stock enough of a particular author's books for your future reading pleasure.  This information is NOT kept on the on-line server.

What you buy is your business, we won't tell anyone you bought a copy of "101 uses for mud"! (Even though we're dying of curiosity to find out what you're going to do with it!)



Secure Page

Anytime you purchase something from us the credit card transaction is encrypted, which protects us both.

However, forms that collect your name, email and shipping information are not protected by secure sockets but are at a very small risk for interception and exploitation.  We do NOT store that information on-line.  It is removed from the servers as soon as it is sent to us  (immediately upon conclusion of your ordering process).  We do not solicit your credit card information, nor do we collect it.  That information is collected by Authorize.net and held only for verification and funds transfer. 

We are working on putting the pages that collect your shipping information on a secure connection.  It should be available by mid summer.

Your browser has two ways of showing you that it is on a secure page.  When you conduct business with us, look at your browser's lock symbol to ensure that it is closed and HTTPS is in the start of the address line.

Using Netscape:

There is a little lock in the lower left corner of your screen, it is normally open and blue with two red stripes on it. When you are on a secure page, the lock should be closed, the red stripes go away and the background color should change to yellow.  We do not solicit your credit card information.  It is collected and verified by Authorizenet.com.

Using Internet Explorer:

You must choose to display the status bar at the bottom of the screen for the lock to show while on secure pages. Normally, IE does not display a lock symbol on unsecure pages. When you enter the secure portion of our site, a closed lock will appear to the left of the stylized E and Internet Zone on the status bar. The color of the lock will be yellow.


Encryption is the use of codes to make communications unreadable. Once a message is encrypted, it can only be read by the the person or company you meant it to go to. The receiving party (us) uses a "key" to decode or "decrypt" the message and transform the data back into its original, readable form. For all but the simplest types of encryption, a mathematical formula called an algorithm allows this to happen. Banks have been transferring large sums of money for decades using encryption, if banks can do it, why not you? Netscape Corporation has created the best known and most widely used secure server security protocol called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), which provides:

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- Data Encryption
It scrambles the data.

- Server Authentication 
Is that *really* 1stchoiceusedbooks.com I'm giving my credit card number to and not some hacker?

- Message Integrity 
Ensures that the information really gets through, by continuing to send it until it gets through. 

- Optional Client Authentication for a TCP/IP (the "language" of the Internet) Connection.
Is that really one of our good customers that's trying to buy these books or a hacker impersonating him?

When your web browser connects with our secure server, they exchange a "handshake" and generate a key which will be used to unlock the encrypted data. Once your computer and our computer agree on how to encrypt the data, that starts a secure, encrypted session. This happens when you go to the shopping cart area of our web page. 

For you to make purchases on our website, we require that you use a web browser that supports the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, so that unauthorized users can't interrupt or intercept any communication between your computer and our Web server. By using this method, your credit card and other personal information is secure. 

Today's web browsers already have support for SSL built right in. You don't have to do anything if you already have a version of the browsers listed below or one newer than those listed.

While older browser versions may support SSL sessions, 1st Choice Used Books strongly recommends the following browsers:

Windows and Unix operating systems: 

Netscape Navigator 4.08 or higher
Netscape Communicator 4.7 or higher
Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 or higher

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Netscape Navigator 4.08 or higher
Netscape Communicator 4.7 or higher
Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.5 or higher

All transaction information exchanged between the 1stchoiceusedbooks.com website and you will be encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL). No  financial data will be transmitted over non-encrypted connections for your protection.

How well your information is encrypted is determined by the capabilities of your browser and the length of the key our two computers agreed upon. 1st Choice Used Books will always use the highest level of encryption that your browser is capable of using for your protection. 

Generally, when you receive Internet Explorer or Netscape with your computer, included on a magazine CD or downloaded from the Internet, it is usually the version that uses a 56 bit key. It has been proven that 56 bit encrypted communications can be broken in as little as 5 months with a concerted effort of several thousand computers checking quadrillions of keys. A group of people at www.distributed.net did exactly that in October of 1997. You have chosen to do business with us, and we recognize our obligation to keep the information you provide to us secure and confidential. That is why we recommend that you use the highest strength browser you can, it ensures the safety of your information.

We highly recommend that if you have a browser that uses only 56 bit key strength, you upgrade to stronger, 128 bit encryption. 128-bit encryption increases the number of possible keys to billions of trillions of keys. We have provided two direct links below (Internet Explorer and Netscape) for your convenience if you wish to upgrade. 

Netscape download site for 128 bit encryption:

Microsoft download site for 128 bit encryption:

Currently, 128 bit encryption is believed to be unbreakable. Popular web browsers such as Netscape and Internet Explorer are available for download (free of charge) that now use 128 bit encryption strength. Purchasing through 1st Choice Used Books with 56 bit encryption is considered by the U.S. Government to be perfectly safe, but there is nothing wrong with having a stronger lock protecting you. If you are not already using a browser that employs 128 bit strength, we recommend that you upgrade to one that does so. 

Most security experts today consider a minimum key length of 128 bits to be necessary for secure encryption. Mathematically, breaking a 56 bit cipher requires just 65,000 times more work than breaking a 40 bit cipher. Breaking a 128 bit cipher requires 4.7 trillion billion times as much work as one using 56 bits, providing considerable protection against brute-force attacks and technical progress. A brute force attack is trying *every* single key combination until you find the one that decrypts the message. It takes a *long* time when you use strong encryption.

If you are using an older browser that only supports 40 bit encryption, We *absolutely* recommend that you upgrade your browser, a message encrypted with 40 bit encryption was cracked in 3 1/2 hours by a student at Berkley in 1997.

Interesting links to read:




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Credit Card Companies

Recently credit card companies have begun developing and instituting policies, such as Visa's "Zero Tolerance," that offers an you an additional layer of protection when you use your credit card on internet Web sites. These types of policies protect you from the unauthorized use of your credit card or personal information while shopping online. Since we also shop on the internet, we were pleased to see our credit card company add this protection. We recommend reviewing your credit card companies site for similar policies.







Book Condition Grades

Providing books in good condition is one of our main goals, but books, like people come in all shapes, sizes and degrees of wear!

When we have multiple copies of a book on hand, we will always ship the book in the best condition first.

Letter Grading System:

A - Looks new or near new. Whoever read this one had clean hands!

B - Just starting to look worn, but still in great shape. May have some wear around the edges, very minimal curling, creasing or markings.

C - Looks like your typical used book. It's still in good shape, but shows obvious signs of use and wear. It probably has some discoloration, curling, store stamps, creasing, folding, and maybe even notes of last week's lottery numbers. 

D - In good to fair condition. Has some or all of the things listed in C, but to a greater extent. 

F - Do you own an old T-shirt that you wear to wash your car? It's soft, faded, torn, and maybe even has BBQ sauce stains on it, but it's oh-so comfortable? Good, now you know how this book looks! Like it's had a long and interesting life. All the words are still there so it's a great reading copy, but you won't mind leaving it on an airplane when you're finished.

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We always send out the books in the best condition first. This is decided based on the date and time of each order, so it's first come first serve. 

With Hardcovers, we offer both Retail Editions and Book Club Editions. Typically Retail Editions (usually a larger size book) are shipped first, with Book Club Editions sent next. If you have a preference, let us know in the special instruction section of your order form and we will do our best to meet your requests.

All Hardcovers have dustcovers, unless the book was designed without one. The condition grade for Hardcovers refers more to the condition of the dustcover than the book itself, although they are both considered when establishing the book grade. Since these are used books, most will show some degree of "rubbing," which is dust cover wear or dulling of the finish. "A" condition books will have some rubbing, although they are in better condition than we would expect to see from a used book.

Clean Up Crew

All books endure some time spent with the clean up crew! The crew dusts each book, washes off sticky spots, removes stickers and makes any needed repairs. Aren't you glad you don't have this job? 

Special Requests

Want a book, but only if it's in a certain condition? Just let us know by filling out our
Hunting & Gathering Form and we'll send out Chasseur (our hunter) and he'll
e-mail you when he's located your request.

Inventory Stamp 

With books coming and going all over our office, we thought we could remember which piles had been added to our inventory and which had not. We quickly learned the limitations of our memories and organizational skills. So, all books are stamped with a green www.1stChoiceUsedBooks.com inventory mark. Paperbacks are stamped within the first few pages, while Hardcovers are stamped on the page facing the back cover. 

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Locating Books

1.  Search Feature

If you are looking for a specific book or author, the easiest method to use is the Search feature. Basic search simply needs the book title or the author's name and will return a list of the first 100 books that match your search criteria.

Our Advanced Search feature will help you narrow your search even more. Just follow the instructions on the search form and if we have the book you're looking for, the information will be displayed. 

If we don't have the book you're looking for we'll be glad to send out our hunter "Chasseur" to gather it for you. Our free of charge Hunting & Gathering service is a great way to search for those hard to find titles without doing the work yourself!

When you've found the books you want, just click on the Buy button! Your selections will be placed in your shopping cart.

2.  Browse Our Inventory

Do you simply feel like looking through our inventory? Great! Browsing our categories is easy and a fun way to find just the right book. Just click on the category link of your choice until it narrows it down to just the books you're interested in. Browse to your hearts content and click on the Details button for the book synopsis and cover graphic. 

When you find something you want, just click on the Buy button. Your selections will be placed in your shopping cart.

Payment Methods

We accept checks, money orders and the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

Credit card orders ship the day received or by the next business day. Orders paid for by personal check will ship when the check clears the bank. We'll hold your mail order books in reserve for 14 days, if your check or money order has not been received by then, the books will be "unreserved" and returned to inventory for re-sale.

Please send (by snail mail) your payment and a copy of your order to:

1st Choice Used Books
Post Office Box 31538
Tucson, Arizona 85751-1538

Want to use your credit card, but don't want to put it on the site? Fine by us, you can fax it to us along with your order at 1-877-766-6242. 

We can also take your order online and you can call in with your credit card to our toll-free, number.  If we don't answer, you can leave your payment information on our secure voice mail.  Just give us the name on your order, the billing address, the billing name, your credit card type and number, and a phone number where we can reach you.  Our toll-free number is 1-877-766-6242.

As strange as it sounds, we will not accept cash orders. Not that we don't like cash, who doesn't like cash, but for security reasons, it's not accepted.


STANDARD SHIPPING – Your orders will travel by USPS Media Mail, which delivers in about 14 business days. Delivery times are estimates only, orders may arrive sooner or later than estimated.
EXPEDITED SHIPPING – Your order will travel by USPS First Class Air Mail or Priority Mail depending on weight of order. Delivery average is 3-6 business days. Delivery times are estimates only, orders may arrive sooner or later than estimated.
For orders traveling by the Expedited option, shipping is calculated in units with a traditional Paperback counting as one unit. Trade Paperbacks and Hard Covers are considered 2.5 units. Paperback Tall are considered 1.4 units and Oversized books are 4 units.
The shipping rates are:
Note: All days are business days

United States – Standard Shipping Media Mail – 14 Business days $ 3.75 First Unit, .70 for each Additional.
United States – Expedited Air Mail – 3-6 Business Days  $ 7.10 / $ 1.20 Each Additional

1st Choice Used Books ships to U.S.A., U.S. Protectorates, Guam, Porto Rico, and APO/FPO Military addresses.

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Sales Tax

We are required to collect sales tax from Arizona residents. The sales tax rate is 7.1%. If you are an Arizona resident, please check the "Arizona Resident" box on the order portion of the shopping cart. 

Shopping Cart

Once you have made your selections, please review your shopping cart contents, and if everything is correct, click the purchase button. This will bring you to the personal information portion of the shopping cart. 

We will not ask for credit card information on a non secured server.  Authorize.net will solicit all credit card information from their secure site to help ensure your privacy, convenience and a secure shopping experience. You may want to review our Security & Privacy pages prior to completing your order. These pages will give you information such as how you can tell if you have been transferred to a secure server (which should be checked and verified prior to completing any personal information on our site or anyone else's) plus much more.

Your next step is to provide mailing address, shipping address and payment method information. Just complete the forms as prompted and include any special instructions you may have for us.

It's always a good idea to print a copy of your order. This will act as a receipt and will help you verify that your order is correct and complete when it's received. We'll send you an e-mail of confirmation once we have received your order. Also, don't be surprised if we contact you with questions. We'd rather ask for clarification, than to try to guess at the answers. Now if we could just get everyone to stop to ask for directions when they're lost on a car trip! 

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How To Contact Us

Probably the easiest and fastest way to reach us is through e-mail. We've been known to sit down and lose ourselves in a really good page-turner that just arrived, so if you don't hear from us within a day or two, that's most likely what happened! Don't worry, we read fast and will get back to you as soon as possible! Hey, somebody has to write those book reviews for the website ya know!

We also use regular mail and we have a fax machine too! So, if the book we are reading is simply too good to put down and all else fails, please feel free to contact us by mail or fax. You can contact us at the following addresses:

Customer Assistance:  custhelp@1stchoiceusedbooks.com

Questions, help with navigating the site, help with orders, any general type of assistance. Questions on books, pricing, etc.

Order Assistance:  orders@1stchoiceusedbooks.com

Anything and everything to do with your order.

Just To Let Us Know:  feedback@1stchoiceusedbooks.com

Do you have a suggestion, request, comment, or you've found one of our many typos or spelling errors and want to help us out? We appreciate your help. thanks!

Hunting & Gathering: chasseur@1stchoiceusedbooks.com

We'll keep a list of the books you're looking for and our hunter Chasseur will let you know when we have them available. This service is absolutely FREE!

Technical Assistance: techhelp@1stchoiceusedbooks.com

Any problems with the site that are of a technical nature.

In House Book Reviewers: reviewers@1stchoiceusedbooks.com

Comments, suggestions, feedback for or concerning our in house book reviewers.

Mailing Address: Post Office Box 31538
Tucson, Arizona 85751-1538
Toll Free Voice and Fax: 1-877-766-6242

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Return Policy

Hey, it happens! Simply put, we want you to be happy with your 1stChoice purchase. If you're not, just send your order back to us within 30 days and we will issue you a refund (less shipping), no questions asked.

Orders placed by Credit Card will be issued a credit on your card while orders paid by check or money order will be issued a refund check within 5 business days after the return has been received.

To help us correctly process your return, please complete our return form before you ship the books back. We welcome and encourage your feedback about the reason for the return. If we dropped the ball or made an error, please let us know, LOUDLY! We'll never know what went wrong if you don't tell us, and your feedback is the only way that we have to find these problems and correct them.  Click here for the
Return Form 



Hunting & Gathering

Is there a book you've been looking for that you just can't find? Let us do the Hunting & Gathering for you! We'll send "Chasseur" our hunter out to look for you. He spends most of his time out gathering books and will be glad to hunt yours down. Once he has it in his grubby little hands, he'll contact you to let you know. He'll hold your book in reserve for 14 days before letting anyone else have a chance to buy it.

Chasseur can look for one book, many books or any book by a specific author! Just fill out Chasseur's Hunting & Gathering form and he'll start the hunt. Chasseur is a tenacious little guy and won't give up hunting for your books until you call him off, so if you've already located the book you're looking for, please modify or cancel your Hunting & Gathering list.

Please keep your e-mail and personal information with us current, since we want to get the information about your books to you as soon as Chasseur locates them. If your e-mail address has changed and Chasseur is unable to locate you, your Hunting & Gathering list will be removed from our system.

Hunting & Gathering Form

Village Membership

Enjoy the benefits of belonging to a Village! You'll have access to Village Chat, Village Only Specials, Promotions and much more. Our Village Elders (just a figure of speech) help us by sharing feedback on the site, specials, features, events and products offered. Also, they let us know what they would like to see being offered or added in the future. So if you have an opinion and don't mind sharing it, we'd love to have you as a Village Member. 

Becoming a member is easy. Here's what you do. Just fill out the Village membership form click submit.


Are you the type of person that wants to be the first on the block to get the news and to know all the latest happenings? Do you want to know about upcoming events and specials? Well, heck! Sure you do! That's easy to accomplish, here's what you have to do. Just subscribe to our monthly newsletter by filling in our Newsletter Sign Up and you're on your way to being the most informed bookworm on your block!

We'll share all the latest gossip with you, give you first crack at upcoming specials and offer you an opportunity to help decide where this site is going with our Village feedback. This is something you won't want to miss!  Use the Village Membership Form to enroll.  To unsubscribe, respond to a newsletter with unsubscribe in the subject line.  If you have your email forwarded, make sure you include the email address you use for 1st Choice so we can find your record.


Share your knowledge and enthusiasm with other book lovers just like you. You will need to be an enrolled Village Member to participate with Village Chat. Also, please review our Terms & Disclaimer policy to ensure compliance with our Chat guidelines. 

Book Reviews

We have two types of book reviews; Customer Reviews and 1st Choice Reviewers. 

Our customers are welcome to submit a review by following the instructions on the book detail page. Any reviews submitted need to be in compliance with our "Terms & Disclaimers Submissions" policy. Please review this policy and remember to keep all responses "clean" and "family friendly." Thanks.

A 1st Choice Used Book in house reviewer provides the second type of review. Since we all love to read, and don't mind sharing our opinions with anyone, we gladly share ours with you. Each of the in house reviewers seems to gravitate to one or two genres. They become familiar with the genre and then there is no stopping them and their opinion! 

Do you think you'd like to become an in house reviewer? Contact us, we'd welcome the opportunity to discuss it with you.

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