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Helpful Hints

Use upper or lower case for any of these fields. You may use one or more of these search options.  The more options you add to your search will continue narrowing the results returned.

Title - Search will match any titles containing the information you've entered.   Your results will be improved if you leave out common words like "the," "or," "and," "it," and "a." The examples below will each return information, but example #3 will give you the best chance for an exact match.

  1. Red October

  2. hunt october

  3. hunt red october

Author - Name may be entered in any order.   Any of the following formats will aid in your search.

"Clancy, Tom" or "clancy tom"
"Tom Clancy" or "tom clancy" or "clancy" 

Category - Your choices for this option are limited to the words found in the categories within our Browse Categories section. 

Cover Type - Choices are; Hardcover, Paperback, Trade Paperback, Mass Paperback, Cloth, Leather.

ISBN - Each book has this unique ten-digit number. If you have this number available, enter it without any spaces or hyphens.  This is a specific search and doesn't need to be supplemented by other search fields. 

Publisher - Enter the publisher name as completely as possible, both upper or lower case is acceptable. 

Year Published - This field will accept a four-digit number.

Building the Search (Technical) - The search algorithm breaks each input into individual words then uses a regular expression comparison, and the "AND" operator in the SQL where clause, so word order is not important.  Other than grouping the "AND" operators to keep input phrases together, the search operators are not grouped.



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