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A Little History

A Company is a group of people working toward the same goal. So who the heck are we?

Book lovers, that's what we are first and foremost! Book lovers who were looking for something meaningful in our lives. More than just getting up in the morning, going to work to a tolerable job, just to earn a living. Ok, so we were earning, but what about living? Have you ever asked yourself "Isn't there something better?" 

So did I, late one night on my way home from work. Then, "I'll open a used bookstore on the Internet!" was my very next thought. I was excited, as I hadn't been in years! From that moment forward, I was possessed by this idea and driven to get started. Two weeks later, my job was eliminated. Funny, it didn't matter the way it would have before; I had a different purpose and now the time to devote to it. So why did I, a non-computer/internet user, have this epiphany? I'll probably never know, but for the first time in years I'm enjoying each day, including the work part!

Starting 1st Choice was an easy decision, we'd get to spend our days buying, reading, reviewing, processing and sharing the books we couldn't stay away from anyway. 1st Choice Used Books was established May 1999 and first went on line in August 1999.

We've all heard "It takes a Village to raise a child," well it also takes a village to start and run a company! My partner in crime has been my baby brother (Baby? Heck he towers over me by a foot!), and our cheering section has been Pauline! Jana has the tough job of putting all ideas into web speak. I've gained a new respect for each of them, their intelligence, their loyalty, valuable advice and willingness to devote hours of labor to this work in progress! 

So I hope you join, enjoy and become a contributing member of our "Village." It's a reflection of who we are (you included), and what we want to be.

Linda T. Marcotte
Head Worm

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To offer and sell a quality product at a fair price in an environment that supports and encourages egalitarian involvement. 

1stChoice is dedicated to the philosophy and demonstration of personal, financial, professional, social and consumer linked success for all parties involved with the company. 

We are committed to incorporating integrity, value, fairness and fun in all our business practices. We will employ a "do what's right" attitude in all decisions and actions.

To practice "environmental sensitivity" whenever possible. Supporting and practicing recycling, composting and the re-use of materials or the purchase of recycled products where possible. (1st Choice uses shredded newsprint in packaging - please compost or recycle, Thanks!)

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Cast and Crew

To know us is to _______________ (love, joke about, imitate, avoid, confuse) us!
                          Fill in the Blank


Current Work: Head Worm 
Past Work: 20+ years marketing dental insurance
Likes: Rice Crispy Squares, Saturdays, Power Tools, and Reading
Dislikes: Alarm Clocks, Shaving, Pantyhose and Closed Attitudes
Favorite Authors: Nora Roberts, LaVyrle Spencer
Favorite TV Shows: This Old House, Ballykissangel
Best Advice Received: "Go down with the ship!"
Best Advice Given: "You gotta pass on the small stuff if ya want the big stuff."
Goals: Enjoy earning a living, grow emotionally and spiritually, control my own schedule, and create joy in life.
Best Skill: Vacationing
Worst Skill: Spelling, Cooking, Singing 
Modern Convenience Could Not Live Without: Boxed Tissue


Current Work: Technical Worm 
Past Work: 16 years with the Navy
Likes: Computers, Internet, Low Prices, Haagen-Dazs Coffee Ice Cream, Stimulating Conversation.
Dislikes: Unqualified Bosses, High Prices, Fewer Selections.
Favorite Authors: Tom Clancy, Orson Scott Card, Neil Stephenson, William Gibson, Dave Barry.
Favorite TV Shows: Anything on Discovery & History Channel, Star Trek.
Best Advice Received: "Trust a friend's judgment, but do research anyway."
Best Advice Given: "Always know two ways to do something!"
Goals: Retire by age 50.
Best Skill: Working with new technologies.
Worst Skill: Cleaning my apartment!
Modern Convenience Could Not Live Without: Microwave Oven


Current Work: Cleaning Worm 
Past Work: Health Related Fields
Likes: Anything Chocolate, Dining Out, Grandchildren, Watching Wildlife
Dislikes: Bugs, Spiders & Lizards!
Favorite Authors: Pearl Buck, William Shirer
Favorite TV Shows: The Young And The Restless, This Old House
Best Advice Received: "Be a good person."
Best Advice Given: "Listen to your gut."
Goals: To lighten up.
Best Skill: Great Listener, House Painting
Worst Skill: Making decisions
Modern Convenience Could Not Live Without: Air Conditioning!


Current Work: Web Worm 
Past Work: 29 years of variety and it has all been legal (15 years in Information Technology)
Likes: My life
Dislikes: Stupidity (Ignorance is curable.  Stupidity should be fatal.)
Favorite Authors: So many and so little time.  Currently Ellis Peters.
Favorite TV Shows: Biography and anything on the History Channel
Best Advice Received: "You should shut up sometimes."
Best Advice Given: "If all else fails, you'll learn something from the experience."
Goals: To be a little kinder every day.
Best Skill: Bringing people and technology together.
Worst Skill: Saying "No" when someone asks for help.
Modern Convenience Could Not Live Without: Horseless carriage.

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Book Reviewers

As you can imagine, we all have our own little pile of books put aside that we plan on reading.  Okay, some piles are huge! If you're like us, after you've read a good book you can't wait to tell someone about it and suggest they read it too! We've been casually passing books back and forth and exchanging opinions and recommendations for years.

So we thought we'd put together a team of "In House Book Reviewers" and share these reviews with you. We are in the process of putting this team together and will start to share the information with you soon. If you think you may be interested in becoming an "In House Reviewer," we'd love to discuss it with you. Just drop us a note at: reviewers@1stchoiceusedbooks.com.

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Contact Us

Probably the easiest and fastest way to reach us is through e-mail. We've been known to sit down and lose ourselves in a really good page-turner that just arrived, so if you don't hear from us within a day or two, that's most likely what happened! Don't worry, we read fast and will get back to you as soon as possible! Hey, somebody has to write those book reviews for the website ya know!

We also use regular mail and we have a fax machine too! So, if the book we are reading is simply too good to put down and all else fails, please feel free to contact us by mail or fax. You can contact us at the following addresses:

Customer Assistance:  custhelp@1stchoiceusedbooks.com

Questions, help with navigating the site,  any general type of assistance. Questions on books, pricing, etc.

Order Assistance:  orders@1stchoiceusedbooks.com

Anything and everything to do with your order.

Just To Let Us Know:  feedback@1stchoiceusedbooks.com

Do you have a suggestion, request, comment, or you've found one of our many typos or spelling errors and want to help us out? We appreciate your help. thanks!

Hunting & Gathering:  chasseur@1stchoiceusedbooks.com

We'll keep a list of the books you're looking for and our hunter Chasseur will let you know when we have them available. This service is absolutely FREE!

Technical Assistance:  techhelp@1stchoiceusedbooks.com

Any problems with the site that are of a technical nature.

In House Book Reviewers:  reviewers@1stchoiceusedbooks.com

Comments, suggestions, feedback for or concerning our in house book reviewers.

Mailing Address: Post Office Box 31538
Tucson, Arizona 85751-1538
Toll Free Voice and Fax: 1-877-766-6242
Fax Numbers: In Arizona: 520-441-1860

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Copyright 2000 1st Choice Used Books.